Carousel of Progress

Join everyone’s favorite Audio-Animatronic family—Father, Mother, daughter Jane (and her unnamed brother), Grandma, Grandpa, and, of course, Cousin Orville—for a very entertaining and enlightening “spin” through time.

You enter your 240-seat theater section in the first of its six positions, while guests in five other sections enjoy other parts of the presentation. After several minutes, the theater rotates to another position. You’ll stop for four theatrical acts. Your final stop is the Speedramp to Progress City. Go up the ramp to the incredible 6,900-square-foot model of Walt Disney’s vision of the city of tomorrow. There, the show’s dialog continues as lighting identifies various parts of Progress City. Let’s “listen” to a brief excerpt from each act:

Father: “Welcome to the General Electric Carousel of Progress. Now most carousels just go ’round and ’round, without getting anywhere. But on this one, at every turn, we’ll be making progress.”

Act 1 (just before 1900)
Mother: “But with my new wash-day marvel, it takes only five hours to do the wash. Imagine!”
Father: “That’s right, folks. Now Mother has time for recreations like, uh…”
Mother: “Like canning, and polishing the stove?”

Act 2 (twenty years later)
Father: “Well, the days of lugging heavy, hot irons from an old stove to an ironing board are gone forever. And with an electric iron and electric lights, Mother has something to do to fill in her evenings. Now it’s no problem at all to get my collars smooth, right Mother?”
Mother: “Yes, dear.”