Disneyland’s castle drawbridge recently changed!

Ok its stupid safety stuff again at Disneyland and this time its the Disneyland castle itself!

Over the past several years Disneyland Management has been targeting areas around the park which could, potentially, pose some sort of perceived safety hazard. Several places throughout the resort have received extra tall railings, and widened bridges. They include Casey Jr. Circus Train, the Golden Horseshoe and the exterior vine of the Alice in Wonderland attraction. Some locations are just no longer accessible to guests, the treehouse on Tom Sawyer Island is the most recent example.

This year workers have been rebuilding the Sleeping Beauty drawbridge, as well as removing the quaint seats along the bridge leading up to the famous Disneyland icon. The drawbridge, which is now affixed and will likely never be raised again, has been completely rebuilt. Where there once was a series of crisscrossing chains and shields, is now a rustic wooden fence and wrought iron bars. Along the bridge leading up to the drawbridge, workers have removed the seats in each of the six alcoves. The thought process,  is to prevent guests from slipping through the chains, or to prevent one from falling over the bridge from atop the seats.How stupid is this?

The Disneyland’s safety department has plans to add an eight-inch railing extension to the bridge. So far we have yet to see railing extensions installed. Disneyland installed railing extensions in 2011 inside the Golden Horseshoe.

This is so stupid and not needed!! What do you think?


Disneyland in 1955

In 1955 nobody fell and they all ran over the bridge

Sleeping Beauty Castle Bridge

Are you kidding me? This is so stupid!

This is ugly

They already mucked the Casey Jr Ride!